The Peoplehood

The writing on the wall.

About Real Time:

Jaisey Bates' writing is exciting, poetic, philosophical, and stands tall with a distinctly Native American backbone. Don't miss this combustible
collection of new plays!

--Abbie Bosworth, Program Director, Playwrights @ The Loft

About Real Time:

"Real Time" gives us the opportunity to suspend time and be one with each other. Through verse and the spoken word, this ensemble cast focused on the connection between us. The cast was a diverse group with Native American Indians, Russian, French, Portuguese, Canadian, Swedish, and African cultures represented.
There were so many different nationalities and yet underneath there was one heart beating. It is this one heart that unites and joins us to make us one and transcends time. We can "make time", "waste time", "bend time", "spend time" and suspend time to discover our uniqueness and celebrate diversity while embracing what unites us. We all have common feelings and when we come from the heart, we are one and embrace as such. This is what "Real Time" meant to me. It is a celebration of what makes us human.

-- Audience member at Open Fist Theater performance

About us

A creation story.

This journey's beginnings . . .

While performing in NYC, Jaisey Bates started to wonder at the typical theater experience, how the audience watches stories unfold at a safe distance before them and how this physical experience tends to island each audience member’s relationship with the story.

. . . led to the creation of
The Peoplehood.

The Peoplehood are a nomadic company and community of multicultural actors, artists and activists committed to working as an ensemble in the performance of original work celebrating diversity.

Music is courtesy

Bill Neal
Elk Whistle

Upcoming travels

 ... Real Time excerpts

at The Eclectic Theater
- January 2010

Lara Romanoff* and Jaisey Bates
perform excerpts from:
The Authoress and the Authored, The Litchfield Ceremony, Only the Devil Speaks Indian.